New law for property owner. english version


To all home owners …
The new law “energy performance certificate” subvension will be supported by the state with up to 5000 Euros.
It is prohibited from the 06/01/2013 to sell or rent property without this certificate.


The “La Marina Information & Service Center” supports the owners with the cooperation of Protecnicos (Issuance of this certificate) and Celine Construction (execution of the improvement measures) at the best price / performance ratio.

Press learn more. Until 31.Juni 2013 receive a 30% discount for the certificate and the execution works

Scroll down:

In the future, the quality of your property (certificate) will be just as important as the view and the price.

Better the certificate, more you can earn on the sale or rental, so a small investment because the state assists.

With this certificate, you also reduce your electric bill and at the same time
you can dressing up (reform) your new exterior façade, which increases the value of your property again.

All in all … finally a positive law …

La Marina Information & Service Center supports you in the action
“30% discount from Protecnicos and Celine Construction”

for more information and a free quote, please write to or

Or come to our office:

Plaza Sierra Castilla 33, Urb.La Marina
03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante




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